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Southland Mechanical Services has been in operation since 2006 and has provided various Mobile Automotive, Machinery, and Home Maintenance and Repair Services to customers within a 60 mile radius of Leesville, SC.

I am retired military, U.S. Navy Submarine Service,  Machiniest Mate (Equipment/Machinery Technician), and a U.S. Department of Labor  certified Maintenance Mechanic having over 35 years  experience. I have attended extensive mechanical  training, over many years, even taught engineering courses for five years.
We have repaired/serviced/maintained vehicles of many makes, domestic and imports, both trucks and cars for our customers. We have repaired/serviced machinery ranging from Ferris wheels, farm equipment, motor homes, lawn mowers, pumps and valves, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers,  garbage disposals, and much more! We have done extensive home renovations/repairs, but now more commonly do those home repairs/upgrades we all let go too long and never seem to have time for. In general, I guess you'd say we operated a very experienced and capable Handyman Service meeting the needs of our customers!

In part, due to the ever failing economy, we've had to make steady changes to our services. The most predominant one over time being the loss of employees. As I'm down to myself and an occasional assistant (my adult younger son), I am currently revamping my business to concentrate on the more frequent needs and requests of my long standing customers.

These services are:

Vehicle check engine diagnostics, trouble-shooting, scheduled oil changes (all lubrication needs), brake jobs, routine vehicle maintenance (air filters, belts, battery/ alternator testing and replacement, plugs/wires, coolant checks/changes, etc...). In general I can no-longer take the time to do the more involved repairs. However, on a case by case basis, time permitting, I may be persuaded to undertake more involved repairs.

Machinery/equipment diagnostics and trouble-shooting, machinery scheduled lubrication/changes, routine machinery/equipment maintenance (as required), minor repairs.

Home repairs/maintenance services are now limited to small jobs under $200, including parts and materials. Commercial repairs/maintenance services are limited to jobs under $5000, including parts and materials.

The primary focus of Southland Mechanical Services is to conduct mobile air/oil filter and oil change services utilizing synthetic oils and lubricants (AMSOIL) and thereby extend your scheduled oil changes up to a 25,000 mile interval or once a year. This service improves your vehicle's MPG and saves you the added expense and time incurred by multiple lower interval oil changes. 

Call or email me to schedule your air filter and oil change, let me save you money and time!
If you need any of my other services or have any questions, please contact me at 803-582-8738 (cell) or by email:
Southland    Mechanical  Services      
216 Holley Ferry Rd.
Leesville, SC 29070